In the end, simple is best.

The design is simple, refined, and beautiful, so you can pack just the things you need and go out without worrying about TPO. It is also attractive that the texture of genuine leather creates an elegant coordination. It's good to have a bag that's always with you that you can use all the time.


Fascinated by the texture of genuine leather.

What we paid particular attention to was that it was made of genuine leather.
The surface is press-finished with fine-grained irregularities, which has the advantage of making scratches that occur during use less noticeable, giving it a rich texture.

Even if it's casual, it has a certain elegance that comes from genuine leather.

The simple, well-honed and beautiful design makes it perfect for any occasion.
The simple design and texture of genuine leather make it an attractive addition to any elegant outfit.


Convenient size.

Just roughly what you need. Convenient size.

It is an easy-to-use size that can fit B4 size, and has enough capacity to carry around an A4 size notebook PC and documents necessary for business.
There are plenty of inner pockets, and it's nice to be able to separate them into smaller sections.

There is also a storage pocket next to the main one.

There is a pocket next to the main storage that is just big enough to fit an A4 clear file.
The back has a storage pocket with a zipper. Convenient for storing important accessories such as key cases and smartphones.

Protect the bottom from scratches.

The bottom studs protect the bottom from scratches and support stability when placing items on the floor.

Also stores large notebook PCs. There are also plenty of inner pockets.

The main compartment is 38cm wide. It can also accommodate a 15-inch large notebook PC.
You can carry large documents of B4 size without any problem.
It also has two pockets for storing small items and one large pocket, making it easy to use.

Exquisite size that is smartly determined


4 standard colors


Let's go out without worrying about whether it's on or off.

The appeal of tote bags is their lightness.
Not only can it be worn casually, but it can also be worn with a suit style to create a mature look.
However, the reason why it does not lose its dignity is because of the quality of genuine leather.
No more worrying about your bag.
Put on your favorite clothes and go out now.