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slim backpack

slim backpack

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A backpack made from luxurious cowhide leather, perfect for business occasions .
It has a slim silhouette with a 7cm gusset, but has enough capacity for business purposes such as laptops and A4 files.
The back is padded with cushioning material, making it comfortable to carry.
The shoulder belt can be stored, and the strap on the side allows you to carry it vertically or horizontally.

Points : Slim silhouette backpack - Capacity to store A4 files and laptops - Shoulder belt can be stored - Zip top

height Width Gusset handle
size 41cm 31cm
Model number PG008
opening/closing style fastener independence ×
Internal specifications Pen embroidery x 2, multi-pocket x 4
External specifications Zipper pocket x 1
Attached storage bags
weight 1150g material Cowhide, synthetic fiber
Country of origin bangladesh plan Japan
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The business scene will also become more active from now on.

Business backpacks have become extremely popular in recent years. You can securely store your laptop or tablet, and your hands are free. Be stress free and more active.
Trendy "square & thin gusset" design. The 2-way design allows it to look like a briefcase, making it perfect for business use.


Fascinated by the texture of genuine leather.

What we paid particular attention to was that it was made of genuine leather.
The surface is press-finished with fine-grained irregularities, which has the advantage of making scratches that occur during use less noticeable, giving it a rich texture.

Even if it's casual, it has a certain elegance that comes from genuine leather.

The simple, well-honed and beautiful design makes it perfect for any occasion.
The simple design and texture of genuine leather make it an attractive addition to any elegant outfit.


Convenient size.

A smart bag that can be stored neatly.

This backpack boasts ample storage capacity for business documents and PCs at only 8cm thick. There are gussets on both sides, so you don't have to worry about things falling out even if you open it wide.
Just holding a bag with a clean silhouette will give you a smart impression.

Easy to pack into a backpack with the clasp.

You can easily pull out the retractable shoulder strap and use it as a backpack.

Securely stores your laptop.

The cushioned PC sleeve protects your precious computer from shock.

Complete side pockets.

From the inner pocket that can store mobile batteries and plastic bottles to the side pocket that can fit a folding umbrella, you can use it to suit your needs.

Exquisite size that is smartly determined


The handle is tucked into the side pocket.
The result is a clean and smart style.
The design allows you to use the main storage smoothly without the handle getting in the way.


4 standard colors


If you change your bag, your commute will be more comfortable.

On sunny days, I try commuting by bicycle for a change of scenery.
Backpacks that make you want to try out such experiences offer a new lifestyle.