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snap flap trifold wallet

snap flap trifold wallet

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A compact tri-fold wallet that can be carried with one hand.
Made of high-quality cow shrink leather that feels comfortable in your hand and makes scratches less noticeable.
It is sized to fit into a mini shoulder bag.
The biggest feature is "combination/separation"
The coin case and bill compartment can be combined and separated with a snap button.
The snap-button coin case has a card slot that can hold one card when opened.
A situation where you just have to go to a convenience store. Great when you just want to carry coins and cards.
The bill compartment side has one bill compartment.
There are a total of 6 card pockets inside the bill compartment.
By placing the card pocket on the inside, you can prevent your card from being lost.

Development background

With the demand for smaller wallets, we started with a size that could fit into a woman's palm.
While continuing to prototype the smallest wallet, my colleague Tsuru said, ``I don't need just a coin pocket!'' and so I created a prototype with a coin pocket and one card slot. As expected, this alone lacks product appeal.
At this time, the idea of ​​merging and separating, which has continued from Japanese robot anime, came to mind.
All we need to do is achieve union and separation.
The wallet that was born was this snap flap.
The number of snap buttons that can be combined and separated is reduced to three to provide stability and solve the problem of attaching and detaching.
And because there were usually three robots to be separated and combined.
The name comes from the shape of the coin pocket, which resembles a flap that can be attached and detached with a snap button.

Vertical width Width Thickness
size 7.5cm 9.5cm
Model number PG501
opening/closing style Snap button closure
Internal specifications Bill compartment x 1, card slot x 6, snap pocket x 1
Attached Storage bag, box *Possible PP bag
material Cowhide, synthetic fiber
weight 94g
Country of origin bangladesh plan Japan
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