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Outer Feather Swallow Mocha Business Shoes

Outer Feather Swallow Mocha Business Shoes

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I searched for a manufacturer that could make Gione shoes and ended up in Nara Prefecture.
We searched for a manufacturer that uses genuine leather to make shoes that meet current needs.

Outer feather swirl mocha with semi-square toe.
The long nose form and simple design create a smart look on your feet.
The shoelaces also use rubber to provide a comfortable fit while wearing the shoes.
The last (wooden type) used is one that fits the average Japanese foot type.
“Height” and “fatigue” are negative elements of leather shoes.
Lightweight design that weighs less than 300g per pair, comparable to sneakers.
The wrap-around cup insole provides a comfortable fit even when walking for long periods of time.
Even those who are used to sneakers can change their shoes without feeling uncomfortable.
Recommended for job hunters and freshers.

・Upper is cowhide ・Special rubber construction collar ・Rubber shoelaces are also used ・Lightweight design ・Cup insole ・Made in Japan

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