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Flip zip L-shaped zipper wallet

Flip zip L-shaped zipper wallet

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A compact L-shaped zipper wallet that fits in one hand.
Made of lamb leather that feels good on the skin.
A feeling of size that fits into mini shoulder bags.
A coin case that expands when you open the L-shaped zipper.
You can see everything at a glance, and we have made it easy to pick up coins.
The card case has a total of four card cases, two on each side, and the diagonal slit makes it easy to take out the cards.
The bill can be folded in two and stored.

Development background

With the demand for smaller wallets, we started with a size that could fit into a woman's palm.
We designed a minimal structure that does not damage bills, coins, or cards.
In particular, the coin space was a painstaking work that required several samples to be recreated.
The coins can be seen at a glance when the zipper is opened and closed.
The bottom of the coin space is floating, separate from the main body, so it can also be used as a bill compartment.
We achieved a weight of less than 70g in the final configuration.
The name comes from the lightness and use of zippers.

Vertical width Width Thickness
size 9cm 10.5cm
Model number PG502
opening/closing style Zipper opening/closing
Internal specifications Bill compartment x 1, card slot x 4, coin purse x 1
Attached Storage bag, box *Possible PP bag
material Lamb leather, synthetic fiber
weight 64g
Country of origin bangladesh plan Japan
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Mini Wallet

The bare minimum is enough. All I need is this.

Smooth texture of genuine lamb leather. It's compact and weighs less than 70g, so you won't feel stressed. We have created a mini wallet for people who don't want to compromise on texture or ease of use.

A compact and easy-to-carry mini wallet.

Store the minimum amount of money and cards you need. Convenient to carry and can be carried around easily. It's compact enough to fit in your pocket, making it useful when you want to reduce your carry-on baggage or when your bag is small.

Genuine lamb leather is used luxuriously inside and out.

The texture of genuine lamb leather has a gentle and deep texture.
It is characterized by a comfortable feel that gently fits in your hand.
The more you use it, the more its texture will increase, so please use it as an item that you will become attached to.

Stress-free card pocket

The diagonal slit is the key point.

There are 4 card pockets on both sides on the inner side.
The diagonal slit is designed to make it easy to put in and take out the bag, making it stress-free and comfortable to use.

Storage that satisfies both cashless and cash users

The above example is for your type reference.
We have achieved a satisfying storage capacity that allows you to open and close smoothly even with this much stuff.

Two new auspicious colors

The new auspicious green and gold colors are
A color that can be expected to attract financial luck.

The zipper is made by the reliable YKK company and opens smoothly.

Reliable YKK zipper that opens and closes smoothly.
Silver and gold are used to match the color of the leather.
Durability is also guaranteed.