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leather tote

leather tote

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A tote bag that looks great in business situations and is made of embossed cowhide leather that makes scratches less noticeable.
By adding the ease of use of PG006 and the abundant storage of PG003, it has a capacity that can accommodate overnight business trips.
Considering the impact of weight on the shoulders, we made the straps flat.
Comes with a shoulder strap, so you can use it in 2 ways: hand-held or shoulder-carried.

・Luxury cowhide
・Capacity that can store A4 files and laptops
・Strap length allows for hand-held or shoulder-carrying
・Zip top

height Width Gusset handle
size 32cm Top surface 46cm
Bottom surface 41cm
Bottom 13cm length 66cm
Height 27cm
Model number PG007
opening/closing style fastener independence
Internal specifications Zipper pocket x 1, pen embroidery x 2, mobile pocket x 1, multi-pocket x 2
External specifications Magnet pocket x 2, multi pocket x 1
Attached Shoulder strap (91-147cm), storage bag
weight 1230g material Cowhide, synthetic fiber
Country of origin bangladesh plan Japan
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This tote bag is great.

This tote bag, which tends to look a little loose, looks classy. Easy-to-use size with a maximum width of 45 cm that allows you to easily carry everything you need. The reason why the tote bag has a versatile design that can be worn for both business and casual wear without sacrificing its charm is due to its exquisite form and cut-back design. This is a tote bag that you will want to carry around with you both on and off duty.


The texture of glossy genuine leather.

Leather with a vegetable tanned finish that takes advantage of the surface pattern of carefully selected genuine leather.
In order to express the feel of real leather, we have thinned the paint film and created a glossy and transparent finish that leaves the pores intact. The more time passes, the more luxurious the original taste of leather becomes.

The original texture of fine-grained leather.

It is finished with vegetable tanning, which is a labor-intensive process that requires many steps and is characterized by a fine, soft texture without sacrificing the original texture of the leather.
Furthermore, the silver metal fittings that go well with the tasteful genuine leather add a touch of elegance.


Although it looks smart, it doesn't compromise on storage.

Convenient size.

Easy-to-use design with a maximum width of 45cm. It has more storage capacity than it looks, and has enough capacity to carry the things you need for business.
There are also plenty of inner pockets, allowing you to separate small items.
It also has studs on the bottom, which protects the floor from scratches and allows the bag to stand on its own.

Side pockets on both sides (magnetic button type)

Main storage (zipper type)

Protect the bottom from scratches.

The bottom studs protect the bottom from scratches and support stability when placing items on the floor.

Exquisite size that is smartly determined


Shoulder belt included

Comes with a shoulder strap so you can hang it on a messenger.
Of course, it is removable, so please use it as you like.

The handle fits into a pocket on the side.
The result is a clean and smart style. The design allows you to use the main storage smoothly without the handle getting in the way.



Suitable for both business and casual occasions.

Not only does it go well with casual down-to-earth fashion, but you can also pair it with a suit for a mature look that isn't too stiff. It is a versatile tote bag that can be used for both on and off duty, and because of its simplicity, it goes well with any style.