Ultra-compact wallet made as small as possible

A more compact and simple life.

In this day and age, compactness is what is required of wallets.
It is said that about 45% of people use mini wallets.
In response to many requests for ``I want a small but sufficient storage'',
We have developed a wallet that is easier to access without sacrificing card capacity.

Having a small wallet is so convenient.

You can go out with less luggage.

It fits neatly into the currently trendy small bags and does not interfere with your fashion style.
It also fits in your pocket for small purchases, so you can go out empty-handed.

You can see the contents at a glance.

Because it is compact, it is easy to find cards and bills, and checkout can be done smoothly.
It also solves the problem of having too many pockets and not knowing where you put them.


Although it has a compact shape that fits in the palm of your hand,
A wallet full of functionality that is necessary in this day and age.

This feeling becomes addictive. Sliding card case.

Equipped with a sliding case that allows you to take out cards by simply pulling the lever.
It has ample capacity and can store up to 5 to 6 cards.
The cards come out in a stepped manner, making it easy to take out any card, and it has a grip so you can rest assured that even one card will not fall out.
(*Please note that if you insert a thin card, it may be difficult to remove it.)

You can see the contents at a glance. Coin purse & bill case.

The coin case opens wide and has a box shape that allows you to clearly see the contents.
You can easily identify the type of coins and take them out easily.
Although it is compact, it has a lot of storage capacity, so you don't have to worry about not having enough change.

Thin magnetic board.

A magnet is built into the inside of the wallet, allowing for smooth opening and closing.
There is no need to worry about closing buttons, and it has a cleaner, sleeker form.
(A sheet is used on the side of the case to protect cards from magnetism.)

Place the transportation card in your outer pocket.

Electronic money used for everyday payments can be placed in your outer pocket to make payments without taking it out of your wallet.
It makes paying and getting on and off the train a breeze.
In addition, the card case is equipped with a function to prevent "skimming" that steals data such as credit information.
It blocks electromagnetic waves from outside and avoids the risk of data being read illegally.

Compact size that fits in your pocket

We have achieved an ultra-compact form by eliminating all waste while maintaining the necessary capacity.
Please feel that it is not only compact but also easy to use.


Not only is it functional, but it is also luxuriously finished using authentic materials.
The more you use it, the more comfortable it will feel.